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And it's gonna be literature. :D

For my honors English class, we had to do what's called an ABC journal.  In this journal, you pick a word an write about something that pertains to it.
Well~.. I took an odd out-of-the-box turn and loved it so much I've decided to post the entries. ^^
The first deviation posted after this journal is an explanation as to why I chose the words I did.

For now, here's a table of contents. Deviations will be posted in this order:

A: ambiguous
B: brazen *
C: captious
D: disheveled *
E: egregious
F: fervent *
G: gyte
H: heretical
I: iconoclastic
J: jaded *
K: kleptomaniac *
L: lackadaisical
M: myopic
N: nonchalant *
O: obstreperous
P: persnickety *
Q: quixotic
R: recondite
S: sardonic *
T: truculent
U: ubiquitous
V: vituperative
W: wanton
X: xerophilous
Y: yawning
Z: zero-sum *

I really hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did writing it. ^^

* The ones starred are my personal favorites. :D

And I'd like to thank my friends that helped me with ideas. :D
PayPay (BIG HELP. THANK YOU SO MUCH.), Lina, Java, Smead, Patrick, Jax, Cody, Timm, Ms. Crow and Mrs. Brunson at the library, and Jack. ^^  Thank you all. :D
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Anthro-morph Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2008
A couple of these are on my English vocab list XD

Y'know, NIN has a song called "Zero-Sum". I wonder if you can use that in any way? =P
Dirty-Paint Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008
yo'ure welcome. i remember doing this!!!!!!!!! my handwriting was so bad
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December 9, 2008


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