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zero-sum  : of, relating to, or being a situation in which a gain for one side entails a corresponding loss for the other side

        Free will is just made up by the humans to make themselves feel better.  Life as we know it is simply a game of chess between vice and virtue.
        On behalf of virtue, the rooks represent charity and peace.  Bishops represent hope and love.  Knights bear grace and mercy.  The queen represents patience, and together these attributes protect the King of Prosperity.
        Moving towards the side of the board with vice, rooks equal greed and wrath.  Bishops represent sloth and envy.  Knights represent gluttony and pride.  Finally, the queen is lust, protecting the King of Sin.
        As these opposing attributes grow closer, the clashing characteristics are as follows:  Grace vs. Sloth, Greed vs. Charity, Wrath vs. Mercy, Love vs. Lust, Gluttony vs. Patience, Pride vs. Hope, Envy vs. Peace.
        These forces clash in battle, because one cannot have the opposing vices and virtues simultaneously.  Slowly, they know each other down, gaining and losing.
        All humans are just pawns in the game, protecting the side their personality best corresponds with.
Page 27 of ABC journal.

One of my favorite philosophies inspired by something Patrick said over 4 years ago.. xD

Teacher's Comments:
"Okay! Like the Z. Apoplectic. Such is life :) 1oo."
(Yes, he ACTUALLY put a smiley face on the grade sheet. XD)
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January 26, 2009
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