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Z: Zero-sum
zero-sum  : of, relating to, or being a situation in which a gain for one side entails a corresponding loss for the other side
        Free will is just made up by the humans to make themselves feel better.  Life as we know it is simply a game of chess between vice and virtue.
        On behalf of virtue, the rooks represent charity and peace.  Bishops represent hope and love.  Knights bear grace and mercy.  The queen represents patience, and together these attributes protect the King of Prosperity.
        Moving towards the side of the board with vice, rooks equal greed and wrath.  Bishops represent sloth and envy.  Knights represent gluttony and pride.  Finally, the queen is lust, protecting the King of Sin.
        As these opposing attributes gr
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 1 0
Y: Yawning
yaw•ning  1: wide open
They never leave the house
Because they're afraid
Of open spaces
So they begin to barricade
Reading the news today
And what the journalists say
Makes them want to stay inside
A better part of them knows
That waiting in the throws
Is on par with reading with their eyes closed
They want to stay inside for good
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
X: Xerophilous
xe•ro•phi•lous  : thriving in or tolerant to a xeric environment
I am a cactus
Although I am tall and green
It takes little water
To keep me alive
My skin is covered with sharp spikes, that'll stab you like a thousand knives.  Although I'd enjoy a hug, it would be in your best interest to simply hug my flower with your eyes.
I am filled to the brim
With what little water I get
In this hot and grim
Desert which I live
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
W: Wanton
wan•ton  1a: hard to control  b: playfully mean or cruel  3a:  merciless, inhumane  b: having no just foundation or provocation
        Before I even start, I'd like to state that I am anything but a tree-hugging, vegetarian, P.E.T.A. enthusiast.
        The treatment of of animals in farms is inhumane.  They live their whole life waiting to die, and, dues to their cramped, starved, and diseased environment, wanting to die.
        If an animal is going to be raised just to be milked, slaughtered and eaten, then it deserves to have a semi-enjoyable lifestyle.
        There is no justified foundation relating to the way born-to-die animals are treated.
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
V: Vituperative
vi•tu•per•a•tive  :  uttering or given to censure : containing or characterized by verbal abuse
        When I came home, it was the oh-so-familiar sound of my step-mom's apoplectic voice.  This time it was because I didn't clean my room during the ten-minute duration I was getting ready for school in the morning.  In order to avoid even more shouting, I simply went upstairs and cleaned my room.  Almost in sync with my feet touching the downstairs floor, my step-sister walks in the front door.
        I'm right on schedule to be in the middle of my step-mom and step-sister's daily screaming contest.
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
U: Ubiquitous
u•bi•qui•tous  : exhibiting or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered
        Apple bottom jeans.  Boots with the fur.  Gaudy gold jewelry with their names on it.  Crocs.
        I can't take it anymore!  No matter where I go, unnecessary fashion follows.
        Skin-tight jeans with blue zebra print.  Exceedingly bright and mismatched colors.
        Half of the "fashion statements" don't even look comfortable, much less appeasing.  I can't say it doesn't look "fashionable," because apparently everybody loves it.
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
T: Truculent
tru•cu•lent  1: feeling or displaying ferocity  2: deadly, destructive  3: scathingly harsh  4: aggressively self-assertive
        If he was to combat a brick wall, he would win.
        In the halls, no one stood in his way.  He was Moses and the wave of students could be depicted as the Red Sea.  Anyone with sense wouldn't dare anger him.
        A new student wouldn't know the story of his belligerence.  They walk in blind to the fact that a man with a license to kill walks the same halls as them.
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
S: Sardonic
sar•don•ic  : disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking
        Oh joy, another week out in the field.
        I can't hardly wait to sleep outside surrounded by sweaty guys, such as myself, hunched over self-heating MRE dinners in the middle of a clearing for seven days plus.
        Yeah, right.
        Let me tell you about how much fun it is to be in the middle of nowhere eating from packages of foods that are processed to hell and back.  It's equally as pleasurable as watching the documentary "Sicko" repeatedly while constantly taking notes until eventually you have the script of the movie memorized.
        No phone, no electricity, no technology, and minimal shelter.  I'm so excited!
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
R: Recondite
re•con•dite  1: hidden from sight  2: difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend
        I don't see what makes it so hard.
        In an equation set up as ax²+bx+c=0, to solve by completing the square involves these steps.  Rewrite the equation so that the constant term is isolated on one side of the equation. Take half the coefficient of x and square this result; add this square to both sides of the equation.  Factor the resulting trinomial as a perfect square; combine like terms on the other side.  Use the square root property to complete the solution, ending with an equation set up as (x+n)²=12.
        It's so simple!
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 1
Q: Quixotic
quix•ot•ic  1: foolishly impractical in the pursuit of ideals; especially marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action
        Was it more than attraction and a physical lust?  How I long for that first inconceivable touch in my mind.  I'm glad that, even with the almost foreshadowing image she conceives, she's not psychic.  How embarrassed I would've been if she knew what I was thinking of.
        She was the object of my affection at the party on the yacht.  I walked up to make simple conversation by asking if she knew where we would dock.
        I crossed by fingers, but I didn't beg.  I knew she knew I liked her, but a desperate guy doesn't stand a chance with her.
        The sudden urge to grab her, jump on a mustang, and fly
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0
P: Persnickety
per•snick•e•ty  1a: fussy about small details
        So, I have this teacher.  He's a great teacher, I will admit that.  However, there's a weird twitch he has.  I guess for an English teacher, it's not that odd of a tendency.  He calls it "bleeding all over the paper," I call it "being a Grammar Nazi."  I concede that I'm a Grammar Nazi myself, although it's rarely depicted in my vernacular.  After all, I am from the south; the land of "ain't" and "y'all."
        If he literally does bleed on the papers, I'm beginning to wonder how he makes it to school after the class turns in a writing assignment.
        However, I acknowledge that his teaching has changed my attitude on English classes and school in general.
        The teacher I speak of
:iconskye-misanagi:Skye-Misanagi 0 0


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United States
This pic's almost two years old, but I thought it was time I made an ID. xD

Current Residence: Pensacola, FL.
Favourite genre of music: ROCK American AND Japanese
Favourite photographer: Hakanphotography ;D
Favourite style of art: I do not discriminate. >.>
Operating System: Windows Vista.
MP3 player of choice: RCA Lyra
Shell of choice: The ones you find on the beach? ._.
Skin of choice: The kind covering all my organs! 0:
Favourite cartoon character: Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Personal Quote: I can't kill you, but I can damn sure make you wish I did! (© ME! )
And it's gonna be literature. :D

For my honors English class, we had to do what's called an ABC journal.  In this journal, you pick a word an write about something that pertains to it.
Well~.. I took an odd out-of-the-box turn and loved it so much I've decided to post the entries. ^^
The first deviation posted after this journal is an explanation as to why I chose the words I did.

For now, here's a table of contents. Deviations will be posted in this order:

A: ambiguous
B: brazen *
C: captious
D: disheveled *
E: egregious
F: fervent *
G: gyte
H: heretical
I: iconoclastic
J: jaded *
K: kleptomaniac *
L: lackadaisical
M: myopic
N: nonchalant *
O: obstreperous
P: persnickety *
Q: quixotic
R: recondite
S: sardonic *
T: truculent
U: ubiquitous
V: vituperative
W: wanton
X: xerophilous
Y: yawning
Z: zero-sum *

I really hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did writing it. ^^

* The ones starred are my personal favorites. :D

And I'd like to thank my friends that helped me with ideas. :D
PayPay (BIG HELP. THANK YOU SO MUCH.), Lina, Java, Smead, Patrick, Jax, Cody, Timm, Ms. Crow and Mrs. Brunson at the library, and Jack. ^^  Thank you all. :D
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  • Watching: This screen.
  • Playing: DAMNIT!
  • Eating: DETAILS! XO
  • Drinking: AHHHHH!!!!


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